Friday, March 2, 2012

Don't lose your lunch...warning!

One morning at the end of February, when Jeremiah was preparing to ride his bike home after guarding the compound all night, he had a "little" mishap.

He got off his bike at the last minute and ran to wash his hands at the tap behind the house.

Unfortunately, he fell in a drainage ditch that runs around our house.

This ditch could EASILY break an ankle or shin bone, but instead, his foot, caught on a nail sticking out of the cement, and it ripped his foot open.

I could hear Doug saying, "Oh my.  I think you are going to need stitches."

But when I saw it, I could hardly believe my eyes.

 A nail?  Really?

I ran for the camera while Jeremiah was sitting so calmly trying to wrap his foot with a dirty rag.

I told him I would get him a clean one, but he said he didn't want... shock, I imagine.

Anyway, I made lots of phone calls to try to find the best place for him to go, because I do not trust the city's hospital.

The mayor's wife recommended a clinic, and after her husband made a call, Doug was off and running.

No one was there when Doug arrived, so he went looking for them.  After 15 minutes, Jeremiah was getting some attention.

His foot was stitched and wrapped, and Doug took him home.

In the meantime, the neighbor's guard was concerned, so I showed him the picture.

Then, he wanted to show the ladies across the way.

Then the guard across the street came over, and he wanted to see.

You should have heard all the "tsk, tsks" and "oohs."  But of course, you probably did the same thing, right?

I will only admit this once, but while I was crossing the street after showing the women, I got light-headed and had to sit down after I entered my gate.  I nearly fainted.

Three days later, Doug had to take him to change his bandages and check the stitches.  I sent the camera with him. 


 No air had gotten to the cut, and there was dried blood everywhere.

Plus, for the first time, I saw a picture of the stitches.   Look at the size of those things!!!


THEN, the next day...they took the stitches out!!  Do they take out stitches that quickly in the States??  I've never had stitches, so I don't know.  (I know after looking at the pictures why...the skin was growing over the strings).

Anyway, Doug had taken the camera again, and he took more pictures.


Surprise, surprise!  As you might have guessed, he had an infection, so they gave him a shot.  Doug also had to help the nurse wrap his foot because she didn't know how.


Then Doug was told to bring him in the next three days for a shot each day.

By the way, I did not send the camera with Doug anymore after this.

I think we all get the idea.

We are more than happy to help Jeremiah recover, but it would also be nice to have complete trust in our medical care here.

Also, Patrick has done an amazing job watching the compound every night.  We haven't had a day guard, but we are doing fine, and Jeremiah's spirits are great.

You can pray for him (if you aren't in the bathroom throwing up)!


Cara said...

Oh my goodness. That looks so painful. And it is so difficult to keep a wound clean if you don't have clean running water readily available! Good call, Doug, on taking him in for some stitches AND teaching the nurse how to bandage the wound (oh my). In the states we generally take stitches out in 7-10 days. :-)

Megan said...

Doug could go into pediatry by now ;)

Anonymous said...

You have grossed us out here in the prayer office!