Friday, June 17, 2016

Samoon Dough

Well, I told you before about samoon bread that we like to eat.

The last time I went, I asked the baker if I could take some pictures, and he said, "yes."

He has helpers that put the samoon dough laid close together down the length of these boards.

You can see the many sacks of flour in the back.

The store makes bread twice a day. 

At lunch and at night.

So since the locals eat this for breakfast, they buy a double portion at night.

The way this works is that when the bread is gone, they close.


The baker works by the fire taking the dough out of the tray, putting it on a long wooden paddle, shoving the dough into the oven, and then scooping it up again with the same paddle.  Another worker then scoops them off into a large tub where they are bagged by boys who work the order windows for the different genders I told you about in an earlier post.

All the parts work together like a well-written symphony.

This particular samoon shop is next to the laffa shop where we buy the samoon sandwiches.

This man cuts open the bread, scoops in the meat (chicken, beef, or falafel),

and then you can put on whatever toppings you want.

Another favorite way we like samoon is to order just the dough.

Yep...the dough.

In a bag...

and then knead it.


Then roll it and put it on a pizza pan.

We bake the crusts and chop onions, garlic, and jalapenos, and also add pepperoni that some amazing people in Texas sent us, and then we put it all together.

Before we had pepperoni and even now, we make buffalo ranch chicken pizza, and it's pretty good.

Then, the leftover dough is a gift that keeps on giving. 

As it grows in my fridge each night and spills out over the container, I can decide whether to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast or rolls for lunch

That's a good problem to have.

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