Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Day Before

The day before Ramazan (June 5) was quite interesting to observe. 

Our neighbor 's girls were in a relaxed mode.  My girls and a couple of other American girls were playing "Just Dance" in our living room.  When the neighbor girls knocked on the gate to visit, we invited them in, and they joined in the fun.

The other neighbor is beside Karis, and that's their younger sister on the couch.  It's a bad picture because I'm trying to hide their faces :)

Nevertheless, they had a great time giggling.

While the teenagers were relaxed, not everyone else was.

Traffic was crazy, and everyone seemed to be on a spending spree.

Everyone was busy stocking up and buying what they needed during the remaining daylight hours before their days and nights became flip-flopped.

I've shown you this road before on a Friday, their Holy day.  And it's pretty dead, in contrast.

Sometimes, I might venture crossing this street without using the foot bridge, but today, Doug and I definitely took the foot bridge.

We crossed over to a large fruit and vegetable stand to also stock up on food we might need for the next couple of days, because I wasn't sure I'd be up late enough to shop.

I was wrong.

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