Monday, January 16, 2017

Books, Books, Books!

Look who has a store here.

Just kidding.  It's obviously not the store you are familiar with, but it has books, nonetheless.

The top floor had current top sellers, and the basement was full of classics, textbooks, educational, foreign, and more top sellers.

It even smelled like new books.


Doug and I took Kylie and another girl who needed readers for school this term.  Apparently, this is the store that the teachers asked to order The Great Gatsby and The Crucible so the students could buy them. 

I don't mind purchasing them, although it's a little different than America where everyone gets a copy checked out to them free from the school library.

It beats what Karis and Caleb had this last term.  They were given The Westing Game and Charlotte's Web copied on 11x17 paper and stapled together!

Each student!!

The entire book!!

That is a LOT of paper.

I guess it's no different than any other subject at their school.  Just like Africa, there are no textbooks at their school.  All information is written by the teacher on the board or lectured to the students, and they get whatever they can copy down in their notebooks.

They are also handed packets of paper which are copied out of textbooks that cover certain topics, but they never get the actual book itself.

I like books too much.  I want the real thing in my hand; however, I didn't bring any with me, so I have relied solely on my Kindle, which probably accounts for my worsening eyesight lately.

But NOW, I know about Amazon, and my husband knows how to get there, so I can get a good-smelling, new book anytime I want.


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