Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Tree

The tree is mostly decorated with things we collected over the last 5 years; however, we added a few local touches from here.

The red blankets wrapped down the center of the tree and at the base of the tree are Massai blankets.
The acorns were collected on the mountains here that we camped on.

Krest was my favorite drink in Uganda.  You can see UGsh (Uganda Shilling) written after the price if you look hard.

The stars were from Africa, too, but the twisty ties and paper clips used to hang the decorations are new this year :)

Paper clips are hard to bend.  Ask Doug and his sore hands.

Dr. Pepper bottle caps were collected in America, Fanta Strawberry was from Uganda, and Freez is from here.  The small, red baskets are from Uganda, and our kids get a treat inside them on Christmas morning.  The zebra is made from banana leaves, and it's from Uganda, too.

The blue, green, and yellow beaded decoration is actually an earring bought in Kenya.

A shout out to my favorite drink again.

The Coca-Cola company makes this drink, and it is such a shame that it is not offered in America (or here)!

The bottle cap on the right is from a drink called "Stoney Tangawizi." 

I think it's downright awful, but I think you either love it or you hate it.  It is made from ginger, and it burns all the way down.

And the beads hanging down the sides of the tree are attached to this mock Massai necklace that we bought in Kenya.

(The cheap, silver star on top is complements of our current country :)

So there you have it.

A personal tour of our Christmas tree, whether you wanted it or not :)  Actually, this blog is like a family scrapbook for me, so I know I include things that you might not always be interested in, but I appreciate you reading along anyway.

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