Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Blood Test and Dabbing

Well, I guess that walk to the fruit stand wore me out, because I shut down the blog for a little while.  

Actually, I have been a little tired.

Living overseas, out of your normal element, makes a person tired anyway, but I have been abnormally tired, and trying to drag through each day has been a little difficult.

Since I've taken more naps in the past four months than I have in my entire life, I knew something must be wrong.  I talked to some of my friends in the States who have medical knowledge, and I got their advice on which blood tests I should have run.

Then, I talked to some friends here about where to go for blood tests.

Without a medical exam, I walked into a clinic with a piece of paper listing all the tests I wanted run, and they said, "Ok."

I had no idea where we were headed, but when we walked in to the clinic, it was very clean and organized (of course, I was the first patient of the day), and it had papers hanging on the wall declaring they had license to do what they were doing.

Legit, right?

I sneaked some photos of my patient room just for proof. 

I'm not sure what all this nice lady said to me or I said to her, but she got the job done.

And here's another cool part.  Hanging on the wall, across from where she took my blood, was this print.  I don't know about you, but that looks like Louisiana to me.

A picture of Louisiana, right here in the Middle East.

God has all sorts of ways of letting me know He's near.

The clinic emailed me the results 24 hours later, and it turns out I'm pretty anemic, but I'm thankful that the problem is fixable.

Now, to end on a brighter note, look at this cutie in her new pajamas she got for Christmas.  With two dancing sisters, I can't imagine where she learned to pose like that :)


For those of you cooler than me, who learned what "the Dab" was more than five minutes ago, here is Keira's attempt at "dabbing" and being "cool."

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