Thursday, January 26, 2017

Our Weekend Away

Some sweet people are letting us borrow their car while they are away, so the weekend after the kids went to school at the beginning of January, we decided to get away from the city for two nights. 

We headed to the mountains.

These are the first small ones we saw as we left the city.

Then, after about an hour, we headed into the canyon as the sun set. 

About this time, we actually got a phone call from the place we were staying saying, "Are you still coming?"

They were concerned, because the hotel we were staying in is on top of a VERY tall mountain.  

And the only way to get up to the hotel is to take a small, gondola-type car called a "teleferik."

And the teleferik was getting ready to shut down for the night.

But...we made it.

This is our last look at the teleferik station below as we headed up the mountain into the darkness of the night.

As we neared the resort (after a FIFTEEN minute ride up the mountain), we started seeing signs of civilization (and SNOW) outside our windows.

Keira's first time to touch and see the snow.

It was also my older kids first time to be in the snow (posing with a small reminder of Africa).

But as you can see from the picture, we were ill-prepared for snow in the shoe-department.

There were definitely some frozen toes and fingers the next day (and maybe a few tears from a 4-year old about how miserable she was because her socks were soaked and icy...I totally don't blame her).

HOWEVER, the place where we stayed had 24-HOUR ELECTRICITY, heat CONSTANTLY running, heated bathroom FLOORS, and a heated TOWEL RACK in the bathroom.

Now, THAT is cause for a picture to be taken in the bathroom!

It was a fun first night!

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