Monday, June 26, 2017

Behind the Restaurant

For over a year, we have been taking taxis everywhere.  And one of the first things I learned to say in the language when I moved here was "I live in 'such and such' neighborhood, behind 'such and such' restaurant."

The restaurant is on the bottom two floors of a tall building.  It has a very large sign outside on the building, so almost every taxi driver is aware of it.  So I have talked about this restaurant for a year, but it wasn't until a year had passed that we decided to venture over and try it one day.

We went with our teammates and Keira while the older kids were at school.  We sat down, not knowing what to expect. 

Menus were brought and Doug, Keira and I decided to split one plate of kabob/kebab.

We handed the menus back, and three waiters started bringing food to the table.  We hadn't ordered anything, said anything, done anything.  It was intriguing.

I'm not sure I can identify all of it for you, but there was hummus, mutabbal, baba ghanoush, fattoush salad, green salad, lentil soup, tzatziki dip, Iranian bread, and two other things I tried but couldn't identify.

A yummy treat!  

One meal between the three of us was plenty with all of this other goodness thrown in for "free."

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