Thursday, June 29, 2017

Girls in the Street

Chicken went, went.  He saw him later.  
I will break your eggs.
I take out both your eyes.
Young Mohammed wants a wife that wears a bracelet.

This is the translation to the song "Fat, Fat, Istrahat" I heard the girls singing on the street.


Keira was out playing with the girls, and the actions to the song looked a lot like "Duck, Duck, Goose," except instead of touching each girls head with their hands, they ran a stick over their heads as they passed.

Click here to see another game they played.

I love this!  Huda (along with all the other local girls in the neighborhood), are learning a little English at their school.  When she wrote her name in chalk on my driveway entrance, she still wrote it right to left, just like they do in her language.

One day the girls raced each other in pairs.  I came outside and heard them chanting Keira's name, so I started videoing, but I never saw Keira, so I turned off the video.  In fact, the race was so long, that in the second video, it seems the other girls forgot about the race, too.

However, I started videoing again, when I saw Keira coming down and winning her race (even as she accidentally tripped a girl).  They must have run a long distance before they turned around and came back.

Click here to see the first part of the race.

Click here to see the finish to the race.

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