Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Things I See (Vol 2)

This is where I catalogue some of the interesting/funny things I see. 

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In additions to chickens, our next door neighbor is now raising ducks and turkeys.  Here, the ducks are taking a stroll.  They are very brave because there are some crazy drivers in our neighborhood.

Zain phone company was offering something free to its customers, so people were pushing and shoving to get to the front and get whatever it was .  It drew quite a crowd.

The toys packaged overseas always make me laugh.

"I have a lovely doll, his name is "small cute."
"When my friends come, you will say, 'Let us play the baby home.'"

There was a nice tree outside a local mall, and then one day, I saw all the branches had been cut off.

I didn't take a picture until the next time I came, and it had been spray painted white gold and sprinkled with glitter.


And the next time I saw it, they had added lights.  But I still can't get over the gold and glitter.

Across from this mall and tree is a mosque that I've shown you a picture of before; however, one evening, the moon was above it, matching the crescent moons on the tops of it's minarets.

Back across the street from the mosque, near the golden tree, tour buses from the southern part of this country are always parked in the parking lot.

This one made me smile.

"Ole Frederiksen Turistfart"

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