Tuesday, June 27, 2017

International Book Fair

I can't recall that I've ever been to an International Book Fair. 


Doug and I decided to check this one out.  I couldn't have read 90% of the books there, even if I had wanted.  The booths were labeled with flags so you could tell where they were from: Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, and other flags I couldn't identify.

And the rows went on and on.

However, there were a few stores like this one that carried books written in English.

And some of the displays were beautiful.  Look at how the bindings on these books fit together like a set of encyclopedias.

And all the different sizes and styles of the Quran you can buy.

There were television crews interviewing different people all over the building.

 But of course, just in case I forgot where I was, there was soon a reminder coming my way.

The power went off.

And funny enough, everyone just kept moving around as usual.

It's just part of life here.

Doug and I didn't buy anything, but Keira used her Valentine's Day money from her grandmother to buy herself an abacus.

And that was that.

Glad for the experience.

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