Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DFAs in Lusaka

DFAs in Lusaka
Every morning we had a "Daily Field Assignment" to do in some area of Lusaka. We would return to for lunch, spend an hour or more debriefing the morning, get our assignment for the next day, and then hear a lecture from a Zambian about particular parts of African life or culture.
April 24 – Observation in a market (Kids went to a water park!)
April 25 – Church, free afternoon with the family - trip to a mall, restaurant, and a MOVIE
April 26 – Interview Zambians for their basic biographies
April 27 – Ask people to find out what they think a M is
April 28 – Ask about healthcare, lack thereof, insurance, common illnesses
April 29 – Interview someone who has recently experienced a death/funeral
(I missed this day because of Caleb's accident – more later)
April 30 – Talked about sharing the Story then had a free afternoon
May 1 – Shared His Story on the streets of Lusaka (Kids visited a crocodile farm)

May 2 – Church at a Zambian Church
May 3 – Asked people about witchcraft, witches, demons, etc. (Kids visited and ate at a Zambian home)
May 4 – Travel almost 7 hours to Patauke (Bush Camp)
I could elaborate on any or all of these, but I'm forcing myself to make most of my blogs relatively short so you will actually read them.


Thomas said...

(Lisa)-I, for one, read every word on every blog (sometimes more than once!) and look at every picture :) ...and glad it's cooler for you!

Nurse Bevo said...

SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!!!! I missed your blogs and I too read every word! So excited for you and the fam!