Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dynamics, April 23

There are only 19 adults here at 40/40, compared with 30 or more they have had in the past. Also, there are only 5 kids here compared with the 36 they had last year. Two of the couples weren't even with our company. They are here as part of an intern program with their company in Alabama. One of those couples had two children: Olivia (6) and Logan (3),

but besides those, my kids are the only other ones, and we also have the largest family. Our program director, Kevin, has three children, and one of those was at 40/40 with us, too.

Nice, tight group. Not to mention, Logan and Olivia were the perfect ages for Caleb and Olivia. And Hannah (the director's daughter) was a great friend for Kylie. God worked it all out.

Caleb and Logan were quite a pair.

We were split into teams and story group teams. Me and a lady named Barb Musgrave were paired to go with an interpreter, Christine, to town everyday and do our assignments together. We were a "team." Barb is an amazing, older woman. She had NEVER been out of America before, and she had only arrived in Africa 10 days before I met her. She never skipped a beat, and really adjusted better than I had seen others do.

Our story group was made up of Doug, Cara, me and two Zambians (my partner Christine and Doug's partner Joseph).

We learned some up-front things we needed to know before going out, and apparently, I've already done things in Arua that would be offensive in Zambia. I wonder if they are offensive in Arua.
1) I ask direct questions about names and ages instead of asking indirectly.
2) I ask what someone wants when they approach me instead of letting them finish with their greetings, stories, etc. and letting them bring up what they want.
3) I don't greet anyone long enough
4) I need to avoid yes/no questions.

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