Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We have two avocado trees in our yard. I had never seen an avocado

tree before moving here. They are big, nice shade trees.

One of the trees really produces well. So well, in fact, that one day
it's branch was so heavy with fruit, it snapped off the trunk.

The kids were out playing in the mud and they ran to the door, scared.
They didn't know what had caused the snapping, but they were just
sure someone was either in the tree or someone had shot at it and
caused it to fall off.

This is two of the SIX buckets of avocados we gathered off the limb. We
gave large quantities for two days each to both watchman, Alice, and
our neighbors across the fence. It was nice to be able to bless them.
Early in the morning, I would box up several so they could strap the
box to their bike before they went home from night duty.

I'm hoping from now on they will fall from the tree one or two at a
time again. Guacamole is good, but there is a limit on the number of
avocados I want to eat a week.


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Barrett said...

Yeah, I am super jealous of your avacado trees. Even if every once in a while you have a surplus.