Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to school, July 19-20

Doug and I attended another kindergarten class at another school. It was quite a process getting there.

Sunday at church, in the Lugbara service, I loosely understood that the headmistress of an elementary school near my house was in the service. She stood and waved when introduced as one of the wardens of the church, and I took notice.

After the service, I made a bee-line for her and introduced myself and told her I would like to come to her school and attend a class to help improve my Lugbara.

She said, "You can come Monday at 2:00."

I said, "Tomorrow?"

She said, "Oh, is it Monday tomorrow? OK. Yes. Tomorrow."

So Doug and I biked to her school on Monday, and I asked Alice, my house worker, to stay with the kids.

On the way, Rev. Alice, (a different one) a woman minister at one of the Anglican churches, stopped us. I had talked to her at the July 4th party about observing at this school, and I had not heard from her again.

She was informing me that her cell did not have batteries at the moment but that she had been playing phone tag with the kindergarten teacher at this certain primary school she had suggested we attend.

Anyway, she told me that the teacher's name was Eunice, and she was a P1 teacher.

When we went in for our meeting with the headmistress, we got a history of the school, exchanged pleasantries, and finally got around to the fact that a lady named Eunice said we could come the next day at 2:00 to visit.

"Oh, really? That's great!"

The next day, we biked out again. The kindergarten children leave at 1:00 and don't return, so we just met with the teacher in the resource room, and she gave us some books.

She said we were welcome every day of the week, but we told her we would pick about two days a week at first.

Our first day would be Friday, July 23rd.


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