Friday, July 9, 2010

Little Bits of Home

Wow! We are officially good on candy. I can already see the teeth rotting out of Karis' head if she tackles all those Now and Laters. The M&Ms were a nice addition. Karis says they are all for her, but she is going to have to share. This was such a fun box to open. It was from a bunch of different people at our home church in Yoakum. They really outdid themselves.

A cool gift for Kylie was a letter from each member of her second grade class from the public school in Yoakum where she attended last fall before we went to Virginia. One of the students goes to the church, and put the letters in the care package. That was pretty cool.

This was the first package that brought tears to my eyes, and I don't know why, but maybe because the time difference from home is getting greater. Who knows? It could be just because I'm a female.

Thanks FBC Yoakum!

Nana sent some drink mixes for everyone and swimsuits for the girls. Grandmothers are so awesome!

Thanks, Nana

Dr. Rachel sent this my way, and as wonderful as it is, I smiled knowing a physician had sent soap and hand sanitizer! How perfect!

The great part about it was it was all from Bath and Body Works. I told her that not counting one or two foreigners, I was the only person in Arua with fancy stuff like that! She picked out the best smells of soap and sanitizer, and a hand sanitizer holder for each member of the family. Everyone picked out a color and attached it to their backpacks, so none of us will ever be without. Another nice touch was scented oils to be heated over candles. With the smells that waft through my windows on any given day, this was a nice bonus.

Thanks, Rachel

I'm a little embarrassed to say that two packages came yesterday (the 17th), and since the kids were at a friend's house holding newborn puppies, I opened them myself. Doug and I unpacked them, so excited, and never once thought about taking pictures.

Stacy and Carol, I'm so sorry, but please know the fun stuff was really appreciated.

Stacy, that new drink mix powder you sent (Berry Limeade Blast by Hawaiian Punch) tastes almost like a Sonic drink. We LOVE it.

Carol, the sticky notes, white board markers, cakes and cookie mixes and zip locks were a great idea, but I really liked the fact that you packed it with Yoakum newspapers. It is so much fun for me to read pieces of home. Thanks.

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