Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kindergarten students and razor blades

Every student, age 5 and up, carries a razor blade to school with him.

That is their pencil sharpener.

When we visited the school, I saw students in the class sharpening their pencils with the blades, and when we walked outside, I saw an abandoned one in the dirt.

How great! Razor blades everywhere! How comforting!

My daughters are playing with dolls, and these guys have razor blades.

Kylie was playing with dolls one day on the front porch. She and Kylie were taking their dolls on a “safari” trip. There was a candle out there with them, but it wasn’t lit.

I was a little concerned about the glass container for the candle being out there, so I asked what it was for.

Very confidently, Kylie said, “They have to take this with them in case the power goes out.”


She’s adapting to her environment so well.

THAT I can handle! She can continue playing with an unlit candle in a glass container, but I will seriously start to worry if I see her handling a razor blade.

Here’s hoping Caleb doesn’t find one on the ground and wonder what the shiny object is.

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