Friday, July 9, 2010

It’s a dog’s world

Here is a sad fact I realized today.

There are dogs in Arua who know more Lugbara than I do.

Some know multiple languages.

For example, my dogs Matata and Lee came from a Uganda seminary campus in Jinja, where they speak Luganda. I’m sure they learned English from their owners, but all the seminary students they were around probably spoke Luganda. Now, they spend all day outside with my guards, who speak Lugbara, so they are well on their way to understanding it better than I.

I know dogs can understand people. My mom and dad had two dogs when they were first married that understood exactly what they were telling them when given a command.

So basically, I was a little down today thinking about how my dogs (and all the other dogs in Arua) know more Lugbara than I, so I turned on my radio and drown myself in Lugbara for the rest of the afternoon, while I made pizza, to see if I could catch up to where they are.

Zamva muke, Matata. (Good girl, Matata.)

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