Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

We recently went to Tanzania and Zanzibar for a short vacation.

I had heard that you couldn't go many places that were hotter than Dar es Salaam, so I was expecting the worst.

What I discovered was that Dar is hotter than Arua, but I think the breeze off the water (and the scenery) makes it a little more bearable. :)

Plus we got to see our good friends the M's, who live in Dar.

I also found it quite thrilling to have air conditioning everywhere we slept except our beach
resort – and they had the God-given breeze. We were like giddy children turning the window units on at night!

Lots of shopping occurred in the markets, and we found quite a few unique things.

Caleb wasn't too thrilled about shopping, but he got some treasures out of the deal. In fact, he became quite the bargainer with the store-owners. He goes for really low prices, so I might start taking him with me to the food market here in Arua and see how we fare. It's always interesting bargaining for your groceries each week.

My kids attened their first 3D movie: The Voyage of Dawn Treader.

Caleb and Karis don't remember ever going to the beach for student camp a few years ago, so this was a special trip for them, too.

Lynn Skuza was a fun playmate for Caleb, and Jan and Lynn were awesome travel buddies for all of us.

At this beach, when the tide went out, you could walk one quarter of a mile or more and still not have the water up to your chest. It was awesome for the kids.

That's Doug and Kylie way out, Jan Skuza on the right, and Karis in the foreground.

We only stayed in Dar a few days, and then, we were off to Mikumi National Park for one night.


Nancy said...

What a beautiful beach! So glad you got a break from the heat.

Stefanie Kellum said...

Those look suspiciously like cool-looking books the girls got at the market. Do give details. :) Also, I just found the picture of y'all from Beach Week a few summers ago, and it made me smile. Email me and let me know a good time to Skype on Friday, Saturday or Sunday!

RCW said...

Tell the kids that Voyage of the Dawn Treader was our first 3-D movie too! :)