Sunday, December 5, 2010

Party time

Two little girls in our town have birthdays close together, so they had a princess party together.

Kylie and Karis contributed a lot of princess stuff to the party, so I took lots of pictures, and I’m so glad I did. I caught a lot of beautiful princesses on film.

Can you believe that we scrounged up this many princess outfits in the town of Arua?

Kind of crazy!

Every girl at the party got to dress up like a princess. It was awesome.

Kylie and Karis loaned dresses, shoes, figurines for the cake, princess bags for the birthday girls to carry stuff in, princess music played off of Kylie’s ipod, and coloring pages out of their princess coloring books.

I love this picture below, because...

Most of these girls had never seen any of the princesses before, and they didn’t even know their names…they just colored them like they ought to have been colored.

Most of these girls had never ever had the opportunity to dress up like this, and it just warmed my heart. After each got dressed, she would be introduced by a “caller” before she entered the room.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Vikki, the mom of one of the birthday girls, read verses about how we are children of the King, so they were princesses in real life.

\The fathers of the birthday girls prayed over their daughters,

We had cake, and then

we went outside for a photo shoot,

And for everyone to get two nail stickers on their hands.

It was a blessing getting to see these girls dress up and be real little princesses.

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