Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mercy leaving

It's the middle of December and I never said anything about Melissa and Mercy leaving after Thanksgiving. Oops.

We had a good time

despite what Mercy's face might be revealing.

Here is a look at the plane that comes in and out of Arua every day except Sunday.

Notice the nice dirt runway.

This is our fancy airport building.

Your prayers are really appreciated for Mercy, her mother, Melissa, and the rest of her family in Kansas. Melissa was supposed to see the judge today to finalize a visa for Mercy, but this morning "they"called and cancelled her appointment.

She will try again on Monday. if nothing happens, it looks like Melissa will be returning to Kansas to have Christmas with her husband and two of her daughters.

Mercy will be spending Christmas in Arua with us.

Please pray for this family to be able to spend Christmas ALL together in Kansas!

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