Sunday, December 5, 2010

ORA church

While our friends from New Zealand were here, they invited us out to join them for church at the base where they live. They have since gone back home, but we have great memories from their family and from church.

Sam plays music on his guitar, but it’s Peace who leads the worship. She is a 16-year old girl, and the oldest member of the church, now that Sam and Kim are no longer there.

There is more life and worship in this church than any other church in town.

I didn’t take videos the first few times I went because I keep forgetting I have that capability on my camera, but I remember last time because I saw my friend Melissa taking video.

I had taken a bunch of pictures of the “worship band,” before, but I had never gotten them in action. There are some very small boys playing some of the drums. Felix, the runner, even plays, but the fact that they can do great things without ever practicing or knowing what songs Peace is going to sing, they are amazing to me.

I love the movement , the dancing, and the excitement. I’m now glad I didn’t film the first few times I went to the base because I like dancing along with the kids a whole lot more than I do filming.

My kids really enjoy singing and dancing. These pictures aren't the best because I was taking into the sun, but I just wanted you to see their smiles.

LeeJay, Caleb, Karis

Zak, Kylie

This is a picture of the boy's hand that I referred to in an earlier post. He had 3rd degree burns and his mom had wrapped them in rabbit fur. This is him 3 weeks ago. Praise God for His healing powers.

I'm hoping these links work. These are just pieces of songs I recorded, but you can still see and feel the energy.

I'm going around


I belong to Jesus


My apologies for the songs all being cut, but I didn’t know how much memory I had on the camera, so I kept trying to conserve memory space for other things.

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