Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bizarre Bazaar

The bazaar is not really bizarre, but I thought that was a fun title.

I do have a fun story coming (eventually) about our trip to the bazaar to buy material for some traditional clothing, but I don't have any pictures yet.  So, right now, I'm waiting for the outfits to be finished at the tailor so I'll have at least one photo for you.

These shoe stores are right across the road from where I bought dishes.

 Then, down a little further, are the fruit and vegetable vendors.

I think the colors are so beautiful.

You can see in the picture, Doug is pulling my "cart."  I take this with me (as do many of the ladies) so that it's easier to get all your purchases home.

 There is even their own version of Babies R Us on this road.

These are the cradles they buy for their newborns.

This picture just cracked me up, so I had to add it.  It definitely looks like the man who boiled this guy caught him by surprise.

Which leads me to the subject of chickens, which is a pretty big topic around our house.

We recently bought a mesh screen that can hang in our doorway.  We can close it with magnets as we go in and out.

We are also shopping for an outdoor fly-catcher of sorts.

All of these precautions are because the weather is starting to warm up, and the chicken business next door to our house draws a lot of flies.

I think the smell and the flies will increase as the weather gets hotter.

We've even talked about leaving the door toward the business closed, except for guests, and the rest of the time, we will use the kitchen door on the other side to enter and exit, so flies won't have as big of an opportunity to get in our house.

We'll see.

These are the chickens being unloaded for slaughter right outside our wall.  I saw this happen late one night, but when Doug saw it happen during the daytime this week, he thought he'd get a picture for you (he got a video too ,if you're really interested).

You can thank him later.

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