Saturday, April 9, 2016

What Just Happened (Final Installment)

We ate lunch at 12:40, and shortly after clean up, a neighboring picnic wandered over.  They were apparent friends or maybe family.

The women sat and ate sunflower seeds

The men played a game

And somewhere in there, Doug was offered to shoot his first pistol ???

Bathrooms?  Thanks for asking.  It was a lot like Africa, without the availability of really good hiding bushes.  It took a long-distance walk.

Everyone packed up and left at 3:30.  Why?  You finish the picnic with fruit, and apparently, we needed to eat it in a new location ???

All the girls that had danced, wanted to ride in our van, so we crammed 17 people in there somehow.  The decibel level was crazy.  It reminded me, hands down, of any given youth trip.  They were very disappointed in the radio volume in the van, but they managed to dance and sing somehow anyway.  I wasn't going to video their faces - just the noise - but at the end, I let you see their smiling faces.

On the journey, the girls decided that the radio music did not suffice, and they wanted a CD out of another car.  When we passed that car, one girl leaned out of our window and grabbed a CD from a man in the other car, also leaning out his window.  Footloose, anyone?

This boy thought it was fun, and as you can see, so did his mother.

I couldn't help but take a picture of this on our way to find a new location.

What in the world is this doing here?  No one in Texas wanted them, so they had to ship them overseas?  :)

We stopped in various locations before we found the "perfect" place for fruit-eating.

Stop.  Look around.  Back in the car.  Stop.  Talk outside the cars.  Back in the car.  Stop.  Talk.

Drive 50 yards and get out.

Too cold to eat fruit.

Re-park cars to block wind, but it doesn't really help

I actually will say, it was extremely beautiful, but the wind was very cold and strong.

 Amazing, right?

Remember, I'm not the only one taking pictures...

There were at least three selfie sticks out there.

This was the first part of the food until they realized it was too little, and then they pulled more out of all the vehicles.

And there was more dancing...

And two more pictures to end the day after an hour and a half fruit stop ;)

We got in the car, and glowing, Kylie said, "I loved everything:  the picnic, the dancing, the people, and the food.  That was so much fun!!"

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