Saturday, April 2, 2016

What Just Happened? (Part 2)

There really was hours of dancing.  I only recorded a few seconds here and there, but I hope you enjoyed it in the last post.  I'll add some more today.

After only a couple of hours, the plates and drinks were ready to be set out.

Then the rice was ready to be served up.
The "river" vegetables were poured onto the plastic to be served up into individual salads for every place setting.

Large plates of every different entree were placed within reach of every person at the picnic.

And every person received salad, soup, naan, and a drink.

And to be sure, dancing was still going on while the "table" was being set.

 The food just kept coming. 

There were fresh veggies, beef, chicken, rice, dolma (minty/dill rice wrapped in grape leaves, onion skins, bell peppers, or potatoes), potato/tomato soup, and salad.  It was a delicious meal!

After it was all over, the table was rolled up and thrown away.
I thought it would be weird taking pictures the whole time, but so many people had camera phones and selfie sticks, that I wasn't out of place at all.  They love to record everything, so I just joined in.

Our dishes (yes, they brought real dishes to the picnic) were washed in the river.
Prayer rugs were also brought and used.
 I joined in the dancing once or twice.  Not only were the simple steps too difficult for me, dodging rocks while you are dancing in a circle, is not as easy as my girls make it look.

And as you can see, one of the girls and two of my kids have changed into more comfortable clothing.  However, the hostess for the day (not pictured here), changed from a blue to a red dress after lunch so she could have a different "look."

Even Doug jumped in a time or two (so did the bat kite).  And Karis is doing the obligatory twirling of the material on the end of the line.

 This was the first group picture we took, but since there were people still working, we took another one later.

 And the dancing continued.

There is still a part three, so I hope you'll stick around.

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abbie said...

I love these posts!! the kids are so beautiful and grown up!! what a cool experience :) maybe except for the river veggies?! thanks for sharing so much of yalls life on here!