Thursday, July 7, 2016

Heat, with a side of Heat

Doug said the rest of the transcript process wasn't too difficult.  After Surprise went back to pick up the signed papers, he and Doug went to another government office downtown.  After 30 minutes or so, they had government approval, and so they headed to the school to hand all the paperwork to the Asst. Principal.  Now, we just owe them money, and we'll be ready for the beginning of school.

A couple of Fridays ago, Doug visited another town with a gentleman who has lived here for awhile.  Once Doug was gone, we had some difficulty with the power, and it was 104 degrees before 11am.  I wasn't able to ask all the questions I needed to my landlord's sister about when power might be restored (I'm still missing some key verbs in my vocabulary),  So I decided to try and text my other neighbors (which I told you about before), at which didn't do so hot.

However, all that to say, I received my very first personal text in the local language yesterday!!  I'm not going to lie...I took it to Kylie to read it for me and answer back, but hey, it's a start.

In reality, the heat problem is not really a problem.  I mean, this looks pretty much like any Texas forecast.  Hot at night, hot during the day, etc.

The problem is with the power.

The three air conditioner units work on city power, but city power does not run all the time.

Part of our fees for living here is to pay a man who is responsible for cranking up the neighborhood generator when the city power goes off, but he's not allowed to run the generator all the time either.

When the generator IS on, we can run our fans and our swamp coolers, but they just blow warm air.  But I guess warm air moving is better than no air moving.  Doug has replaced the motors in both swamp coolers since it started getting hot, and this week, he had to replace another one of them (at midnight when the shops were open)!

So here is what life looks like upstairs at my house.  One of the A/C units is in the big room, so Caleb and Kylie have moved some doshaks in there to sleep for the summer.  When the city power is on, this room is nice and cool.

However, each of them also has a fan aimed a their body for when the city power cuts off during the night.

 Karis' room is the hottest, so she has an A/C unit in there for her and Keira.  But they also have to be prepared for when the power goes out, hence the fans.

That's about it for us here.  We're just basically hot.

I have, however, learned to be thankful.  I mean, Abraham (I mistakenly said "Moses" in a letter to some friends recently) wandered around these lands for a long time with no fan, swamp cooler, or A/C.


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