Saturday, July 2, 2016

So I'm a Little Crazy...

Well, I was right.  I couldn't keep up that pace for long.

I needed food for our family and never thought about shopping in the middle of the night, so Keira and I took a taxi to a mall the following day (Thursday 6/16) and re-stocked.  Malls are open during the day.  They just close from 7:30-8:30pm so the employees can break fast in the food court, or something like that.

I only know that because this week Doug was locked out of the house and he walked to a mall to wait for us to get home with the keys.  I had asked him to pick up a few things while he was there, but of course, he got to the mall about 7:30, and he told me what had happened.

Anyway, we got food, and we were ready to decline invitations to the bazaar for a few days.

Day one...great.

Day two...I got a little crazy.

After some like-minded fellowship one Friday, our girls and two other American girls started a marathon of some of their favorite movies.  There are 8 movies in all, and they had plans to stay up all night.

They started at 3:30pm-ish on Friday, and they went until 9pm.  They stopped because one of the girls had Taekwondo practice till 11pm.

Are you starting to see how the whole country operates differently during this time?  However, I will say that I know a girl who consistently has her orthodontic appointments at 10 or 11pm throughout the YEAR, not just during Ramazan.

At 8pm, Doug and I started a skype call, and we were still on it at 9:30pm when I had a scheduled appointment with Jennifer*.

She and I must have been just crazy sleep-deprived because we decided to go to the bazaar on our own, Friday night from 9:30 to midnight.  She needed clothes for her son who was leaving for camp the next week, and we both wanted a chance to look for things without feeling like we were holding others up.

It actually was very nice, albeit crazy.

The girls didn't make it through the night watching movies, but they started again the next day.

They slept in and took several breaks through the day, so they didn't finish the marathon until ELEVEN PM that night!

Caleb had been invited to a water park that day with another family, so he was gone most of the day, too.

We had asked him to observe what people wore at the park so we would know what our girls could wear if they ever went.

Girls wear long sleeves and tights to swim in.

Yep.  Long sleeves and tights.

Thus ends another crazy day during Ramazan.

*Names changed

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