Saturday, July 9, 2016

...Let there Be Light

I failed to mention (although you are smart enough to realize) that when we don't have city or generator power, we also don't have lights (or power for our fridge, charger cords, vacuum cleaner, TV, blender, hot water kettle, etc.).

We brought some cool solar lights that my kids use in their rooms, but we also bought this LED lantern  here, and I really like it.

If you leave the switch in the "ON" position all the time, and have it plugged in to charge at the same time, the light will NOT come on unless the power goes out.

Before we figured this out, we would be scrambling around in the dark looking for iphones or flashlights to turn on.

But now, when the power goes off, the lantern comes on automatically without me even having to think about it.  AND...since it's sitting behind our water filter, it illuminates the whole room.

Here it is from the other side.  It can surely put out some light.

I can still cook in the kitchen (if I ever wanted to)...

And, the living room is even lit up nicely.

So, there you have it.

We are illuminated!

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