Friday, July 1, 2016

The Day after My "College Night"

The next day, I slept until noon!  I haven't done that!

Again, at 9pm, Jasmine* and her girls asked Jennifer*, her girls, me, and my girls to go with them to the bazaar.

My first thought was, "I cannot keep this up."

My second thought was, "Since I got up at noon, I really haven't done anything with myself today.  I've got work to do."

We told the neighbor girls we needed to change first.

Everyone dresses up to go to the bazaar, so we changed from jeans to skirts, and I put on make-up and fixed my hair.

Doug and I had a skype call at 11:30pm, so I knew I wouldn't be able to stay late.

But we did.

At 11:15pm, I excused myself.  I left all the ladies, and I walked back to our house.

Kylie said all I missed was Jennifer's* sandal breaking, so they took it to a cobbler to be sown while they waited.

THAT is some tough work!  Sewing through rubber.

The girls weren't far behind me.  They came home at midnight.

And THEN Kylie, Karis, and Caleb went out to buy dough and vegetables for pizza because it was Wednesday, and she was preparing for Thursday pizza night.

(Would I EVER allow this in America???)

We all got to bed at 2am again.

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