Friday, July 8, 2016

You might live in the M.E....

Well, I mentioned we had some problems with our swamp coolers in the heat, but our water tank has also had a hard time keeping up with the heat.

I think it's a combination of evaporation, heavier usage during the hot months, and me not paying attention to when city water is on before I wash clothes or dishes.

Our tank has gone dry twice.  We can re-fill it when town water is on, but town water is not always on.

Cold showers before bed are a treat, but we won't be experiencing them this summer.

With no hot water heater on, the tank still getting really hot during the day, so even the "cold tap" lets out warm water.


* you don't use your stove after 10am.
* food doesn't sound good in summer.
* you only want to eat ice cream and drink cold Coke all day.
* your towel ALWAYS feel like it just came out of a dryer.
* frozen chicken defrosts on your counter in less than 30 minutes.
* dishes in the dish rack dry in 15 minutes.
* your hair dries in 5 minutes by itself.
* the men in your family take off their shirt and cool themselves by lying on the tile floor.
* you always have softened/semi-melted butter on the counter ready for cooking.
* you don't turn your water heater on in the summer.
* even the cold tap sends out warm water.
* you drink more than your allotted share of water as prescribed by doctors.
* your swamp cooler only blows hot air.
* you never want to snuggle with anyone because you're both so sticky.

Water is kind of important!

Our kitchen has two taps.

The single one on the right is city water, and the double one on the left is our tank water.

 Usually, the city water looks like this.

But occasionally, it comes out like this.

Thankfully, we have our Katadyn water filter that we had in Africa.  It works beautifully.

The water goes in the top looking like this.

It filters through the ceramic candles, and comes out nice and clear (and luke warm - because it's in our hot house).

Every now and then, we need to clean it.

That's Doug's job.

Actually, a lot of the tough jobs are his.  He works hard to keep us cool and make sure we have water.

Yes, we live in the Middle East.

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