Friday, April 2, 2010


We received an email awhile back saying that the boat our crates were on would arrive in Kenya on March 23rd. I’ve been tracking the ship on a ship-tracking website, and the last time the ship “checked in” was on March 11th, north of Morocco. So, I don’t know where it is, but at least it left the US.

I have also heard the customs agents will want to unpack every item in our crate in front of us and attempt to re-pack them before letting them travel to Arua. I have no idea how that will work unless much prayer is involved. It took 7 hours to get all that stuff in the first time, and I think it only fits one way.

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Kelly said...

I WILL PRAY FOR THIS!!!! Both the arrival and the (NOT) unpacking. I KNOW what a serious thing that is -- you're right. It WILL only fit in one way. And the customs people do NOT know what that way is! I will pray that your stuff looks very very boring and very very cheap.