Friday, April 2, 2010

Last time

Last pics of Murchison for this trip, I promise.

I just got my photos off of Doug's computer from our first game drive, and there were some new things to show you.

The first is a Jackson Heartbeast. Our guide said this was the "ugliest animal in the park." Well, I know all of God's creation is beautiful, but God was definitely thinking of something crazy with this one.

Love this picture.

Yes, we let our kids hang out the window jut like the guide (can you see her in the front window?).

The national animal - Ugandan Cob

Cape Buffalo and Egrets (hanging out just like they do by the cows in Yoakum)

Aren't those spots amazing?

Dung Beetle. We saw this guy rolling his ball down the hill just as we drove up.

His beak is the color of the Ugandan Flag.

OK. Now I'm finished. Thanks for humoring me.

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Kelly said...

What awesome pictures! I love the ones of the kids in the windows. They look like old hands at this safari thing.