Monday, April 19, 2010

Home - pictures by Karis

Matata waits so patiently by the back door. She camps out there in the morning until I open it, and then she sleeps by the screen door all day. I feed her out that kitchen door. What can I say, I've got a friend.

We seem to have many meetings, so we bought more Lugbara chairs. We love sitting out here in the morning and all throughout the day. We just wish the mosquitoes weren't so bad at night, so we could sit here at dusk.

Karis is getting a bicycle for her birthday when we go to Kampala. I'm very excited all this pavement is in our driveway because with all the holes in the dirt roads, it would be hard for her to learn anywhere else.

In case you are wondering, Karis borrowed my camera, and she took all of these pictures and wanted you to see her view of things. The thing I notice in every picture is the absence of leaves. EVERY morning, starting at 6am, the watchman starts sweeping the leaves, and he does so until he has done the whole yard. He then burns some and composts some. Every national does this every day, so it is just habit for them.

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