Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More smiles

Erin and Cole sent the kids and Doug photo albums to put their African adventures and memories in. I got a magnetic "to do" list to hang on the fridge. Does she know me, or what? I'm loving it!

What I've been using is torn off scraps of paper from a 20 cent graph paper notebook I bought in town. I tear off part of a sheet each week to write my list on.

The one good thing about my lists is that I'm able to write about half of them in Lugbara now. I even ask questions and talk to the people in the market in Lugbara. Wanna know what the response is?

After they laugh, they answer me in English.

I think I'm going to have to get out to the villages to practice my new language. There is too much English in the "city."


RCW said...

Yeyyy! So glad our package arrived safely. Next time we hope to send some tasty goodies! We love you all so much!

Georgia said...

Hi Mrs.Kathryn!

This is Savannah and I wanted to tell you that were sending you a package with things you put on your list. I'm very excited!! Tell Kylie I said hi.