Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Smiles in April

We received TWO packages in the mail today. One was a bubble envelope sent March 15th and one was a very small box sent March 18th. Two other girls on our team received Medium Rate boxes today that were mailed at the beginning of NOVEMBER. They contained their Christmas gifts! So I'm feeling very blessed! God is good.

Gloria surely knew how to pack that envelope. My kids are going to get mac & cheese tonight for dinner, and they are all excited about taking baths to see their foam safari animals grow. The bonus for me is that she took everything out of it's original packaging, cut out the instructions, and put it all in ZIP LOCK BAGS! I might just throw one of my old ones away, just because I can! Thank you SO, SO much!

One more bonus is the instant cornbread. I've been making it from scratch, so this will be so much fun!

Gloria, the girls were out picking mulberries for a cobbler, but Caleb was inside, and I wanted to make sure you got to see at least one of the smiles you helped create. Praise the Lord! (He was asking to take a bath at 3 o'clock in the afternoon).

Package 2 was blessed school supplies. Thank you, Carol B!

If you know me at all, you know my favorite stores are a toss up between Office Max and Office Depot. Office supplies just make me giddy. (Anyone else out there besides me and Kylie?)

I know. I know. These are school supplies for my kids, but I get to use them, too, and I'm thrilled!

The Easter candy was perfect, too, since I had none to give my kids. Oops! Four packages are missing from this picture because my three and another girl devoured them before I could take a photo.

One of the things I knew that couldn't be sent easily was a white board. Our small one is falling apart, and we use it every day for spelling.

The journeygirls here let me in on a secret they discovered, and then...they gave me the white board they had made.

It is a frameless picture frame with a white piece of paper stuck between the two pieces of glass. Clever, huh? Except for the painfully sharp edges, it's pretty ingenious! So now we have two boards to use with our pretty new markers.

Caleb is demonstrating below.

Carol, this smile is for you!

And , in case you didn't notice these beauties, I took a close-up.

Jalapeno pepper seeds!

On the wish list I sent some of you, I need to add "Cans of Pickled Jalapeno Peppers, nacho slices." We really miss those (although we don't have any decent chips or cheese to make nachos.) The peppers would be good to put on lots of things.

I made dill pickles last month and used some pili pili peppers I found in the market.
Can you say H. O. T.!? I had to give all but one jar to the guys house (because Doug doesn't eat dill pickles). The jar I kept is the one I experimented with by leaving the pili's OUT. After I grow some jalapenos, I can attempt to dill some more pickles, and I'm very excited!

We love being thought of and remembered. Thank you Carol and Gloria for taking the time to love on us through a package. Thank you also to everyone who comments on my blog and sends me emails and facebook messages. I know it is easy to forget about the little things in your busy lives, so it really means a lot.


digory said...

great idea on the white board. I love reading your stories.

Stevens Family said...

Love me some school supplies. We can find some stuff here but its a fortune so my Aunt sent us a bunch of stuff, it was a happy day. We miss you guys and tell doug I'd like to chat before you guys go off the grid.