Saturday, October 30, 2010


Doug got a call from our one remaining journeygirl a few mornings ago to say she hadn't slept well.

The reason being was that a bat had somehow found its way into her room and became quite lively during the night.

She finally located it hiding on a bottom shelf in her room.

It's that yellowish-looking thing attached to the wooden wall in the picture below.

This is after the Tupperware container that was next to it had been removed.

He was a tiny little sucker.

My heroic "batman" came to the rescue with his own set of Tupperware.

I think every good super hero should be armed with Tupperware (but don't let Doug know I said that)

Cute, huh?

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David said...

Bats were also common in Maasai-land. When building a house back in 1998, a company colleague and I had to sleep in the small house we built to be used by our workers while building the main house. It was full of bats until we got is screened in well. One night I woke up to hear and feel a bat just under my chin as it climbed up my bed sheet. Grown men have to act nonchalant about such things so I asked Dennis, "hey mate, could you just brush my new unwanted friend into the floor?" So that's what he did; yanked the sheet off of me, shook the bat off onto the floor, stomped on it, and then handed me back the sheet. DC