Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The kids performed "Daniel and the Lion's Den" for the parents at Bible study this week.

One of our journey girls, Kelli, narrated it and organized the whole thing. They all did a good job.

Kylie was one of the "wise gals" who "advised" King Darius.

Here is one of the angels closing the mouths of the lions. Caleb is in a striped shirt and Karis is in an orange dress.

Caleb was in appropriate "lion colors" at first, but unfortunately, 5 minutes before the play, we discovered he had rolled around in chicken poop somewhere in the yard.

New shirt!

More closing of the mouths... (I think they even accidentally shut Daniel's mouth).

Kylie is "throwing herself" into the pit after King Darius decided to punish his advisors.

The lions are "devouring" her.

The cast. We are from Uganda, America, Germany, New Zealand, and the Netherlands!

My three, close-up.

Kelli, on the left, organized it all. She and Alissa (on the right) were finishing their last week in Arua. They are headed back to America now. Bye girls. We'll miss you!!

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