Saturday, October 30, 2010

A visit to ORA

We went to ORA (Orphans Refugees Aid) today for a birthday party for Leejay, who turned 5

and his sister, Lucy, who turned 2.

Their family is from New Zealand, and they work for the ORA organization here in Arua. It provides foster care for orphans instead of having an orphanage.

They live in a house on the base with no electricity, no running water, no oven, one small sink, and a long drop toilet, etc. (and they are truly happy, blessed people) They are amazing.

They are here for just a little while longer. They came for about 6 months to check on everything that they had built and organized three years ago.

Look at this beautiful mural Kim painted inside the piat three years ago.

Kim is also a nurse, and wouldn't you know it? Caleb needed some attention today. He seems to be drawn to nurses...

I wish you could see some of the wounds Kim has treated here and kids she has helped. One boy last week came with severe burns on his arm that his mother had wrapped in rabbit fur. It took her hours to clean the fur out of the wound. Here's what she wrote about it:

"So many kids around here die from burns like these that are either not treated or inappropriately treated with traditional local village beliefs, like covering them with dead animal skin or urinating on them (yes you read that right. There is a belief by some people in this culture that if you urinate on a burn regularly it will heal it!!!) There are also many kids that have badly disfigured limbs or huge lumpy scars from burns that were not treated properly. So to know I am making a difference in at least Jonahs wee life makes every moment of our time here worthwhile."

If you want to see a "during" and "after" photo, look here, and scroll down past the giraffe and lion pictures, and you'll see the picture. She is an amazing lady.

All the children got together inside the piat to play a game.

During the scavenger hunt, I only thought it was a little crazy, until...

I realized that Sam (Lucy and Leejay's dad) put one of the clues on himself!

I've definitely never seen that before.

The kids loved tackling him.

Sam is very handy. He built this swing set last month. Over 100 children come each weekend and hang out on their compound, so it gives the kids something to do.

He also designed a jeri can shower so his wife can have a shower instead of having to cup water over her head from a basin. This is a guy who truly knows how to love his wife.

I hope they will return again soon to check on ORA. They are a sweet family, and we love having them around.

...Plus, New Zealanders have such a cool accent! :)

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