Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The reason we went to Kampala recently was to see this family.

This is Cody and Melissa Busby and their newly adopted daughter, Mercy. They have two other daughters back in Kansas who are anxiously awaiting their arrival back home.

Mercy is adorable.

Melissa saw her when she was just three weeks old last year. Her mother had died in childbirth, and her father was
already dead. Her uncle already had too many children to care for, and so Melissa started the long process of adoption.

To see all this time and work come to fruition, is absolutely amazing.

Doug went to seminary with Cody in Mississippi, and they were both student pastors at neighboring churches near Jackson. It was such a joy to see "home" folks.

I didn't know I was actually homesick for people I know until right before I knew we were going to see them. For three nights in a row before we saw them, I dreamed about them every night.

We were glad to see them, AND Cody and Melissa agreed to take our obsolete solar power inverter back to America for us. AND let me add, Melissa had been in Uganda for a month handling court appointments and paper work, so when Cody came to join her, knowing he
would see us, he brought treats!!

Only one other person has ventured to send me Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in the mail (thank you, Kelley), and Cody came with an armload. I am now set for QUITE some time, and I'm sure to gain back all the weight I have lost.

Gotta love chocolate and peanut butter!

As an addendum, I will add that we will shortly be making the trip BACK to Kampala. Our team leader's father is very sick, and the whole family went to America to see their family during this time.

Two of our journeygirls, Alissa and Kelli, will be returning to America next week. Had everything gone according to human plans, the Wafler's (our team leaders) would have driven the girls down to Kampala on Sunday the 17th, and then stayed to see them off on the 2oth. Since the Wafler's are in America, the privilege falls to us.

We weren't quite ready for a return trip so quickly, but we are getting ready, AND we are going to visit a place called The Rhino Sanctuary on the way down, so I'm sure I'll have some more pictures for you after next week.

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Megan said...

so glad you got to visit with the Busby's and I'm slightly jealous I couldn't be there! Good to hear you got some Reese's!!