Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Busy kids

The kids somehow find new things to do every day.

The kids are performing in a Bible skit of Daniel and the lion's den in two weeks, and Caleb and Kylie made Caleb's mask.

He is very proud.

He has assured me he is a BABY lion so he doesn't have to roar really loud.

Karis is loving riding without training wheels.

I had to laugh the other day when I looked outside and saw her riding around with her baby doll tied on her back. Even though I see it every day on literally hundreds of women, I always smile when my girls do it.

When it rains, sometimes is just a nice shower.

Other times, it seems like a monsoon, like my friends in India and Nepal have been experiencing this summer.

I'm sure I should cringe about the filth that is floating down the street and hitting my children's legs, but I didn't. I was just glad they were having a good time.

And looking back, I'm so glad they didn't get a staph infection or some awful disease from who-knows-what in the street. Animals and humans consistently use the side of the road here as a bathroom, so I can only imagine…No, let's not!

When the rain goes away, we are left with mud in our yard (and no street in front of our house, but that is another story). Here is what the kids do side-by-side with the children from Sudan across the fence next door.

You can see mud radios, tables, chairs, animals, pots, and purses, etc. This wasn't all of it, but as I was cleaning up all their treasures, I thought I'd better get a picture before it gets cracked or dropped.

We were also very blessed last weekend to see many baboons again on the road home from Kampala and several elephants at the entrance to Murchison Falls.

It's a great spot on our trip. It's about 2 hours from Arua (our home), and we get to see baboons every time, the beautiful Nile River every time, and either elephants, hippos, Uganda Cob, or giraffe when we get close to Murchison Falls.

Some days it's just fun living in Africa.

And other days, when they are filled with language notecards,

Personally, I'd rather just sit around and look at elephants.


The Spears Family said...

One day I had to walk home in a virtual flood from the gutters and I could just FEEEL the cholera all over me. BUT I'm still alive! Love you!

Laura said...

I love the picture of Kharis on the bike! I'm sure to her there is nothing out-of-the-ordinary about strapping the baby doll to her back. She's catching on quickly.