Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Arua Librarian

Well, not really. That title was for my friend Stefanie, but I do love to read!

During elections, I sent Patrick to town each day to buy a newspaper, so I would know what was going on. Since I was teaching school in the morning, I always told him he could read it first.

One morning, I looked out the back door, and saw him reading the newspaper to a group of people on the other side of the fence.

It really stirred my heart. So many people here can’t read, and they just rely on radio or friends. And if it’s on the radio or your friend tells you, they believe it as truth (thank goodness Charles Stanley and Family Life are both on the radio).

Here is an example of someone saying something and another taking it as truth: weather

“It can’t rain if it’s windy, because the wind will chase the rain away.”

Someone sometime said it, and they ALL believe it.

Anyway...I went to the bookshelf and got an array of books.

I wasn’t sure if he would like these,

But they were easy readers, and I thought I would try.

I also gave him two old Reader’s Digests from 2008 that someone gave me, an Encyclopedia Brown, a Choose your Own Adventure, and a book about the geography of the world.

I really wasn’t sure where his reading level was, so I tried a bunch of different levels.

He first picked up the geography book. He and the family next door enjoyed looking at the maps and pictures of different places around the globe.

Then he started “The Count of Monte Cristo.” He read the rest of the day. He came back two days later, and he read again. He was almost finished, and asked if he could take it home to finish.

When he returned, he had finished, and we talked about the amazing twist in the story.

He then read “Treasure Island,” and later finished “Heidi.” He really liked “Heidi.”

He must still be working on “Oliver Twist,” because he hasn’t given that one back yet..

By the way, I know you are thinking it's weird that I'm "tracking" him, but he reads under a tree outside my kitchen window (I promise), so while I cook, I can see him.

It's not like I've got some binoculars out and I'm perched in a tree taking notes all day like Marty McFly in "Back to the Future." (but I did take a picture through the screen)

He had already read the Reader’s Digests, and he wasn’t starting anything, so I gave him “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” I saw him reading it.

He soon put it down and started “Encyclopedia Brown.” He would glance off from his book sometimes, and I could tell that neither of these books were good for him.

I quickly went to Kylie’s second grade readers from last year and pulled out 6 books that were short chapter books plus a book of facts about the Bible and a book called "Dinosaurs and the Bible" that gives a very clear picture of the Gospel message.

He picked up the dinosaur book first, and he went through it quickly. I think the reading level was above him. Next he went to the “Big Book of Facts.” He left at the end of the day, so I don’t know what he will read when he comes next time.

This is fun for me, and I enjoy talking about the books with him. I’m guessing he’s like on a second or third grade level, but I’m out of those classics, so I’m going to keep looking for things. Maybe I can find an easier version of the Bible to give him to read.

Talk about some good stories and exciting adventures!

It’s the story of the Great Rescue - the greatest of all time!


Stefanie Kellum said...

Love it, Kat! I should declare you an honorary Master of Library Science! :) P.S.: I LOVED those illustrated classics as a kid. That brought back some memories. Isn't it awesome to see the power of books and The Book? It warms my heart to know that our Creator used a book as our link to Him. The printed word is indeed a powerful thing.

jessica broom said...

love love love ya'll. prayin. sent you a facebook with some questions.