Monday, April 11, 2011

A few things I saw

The other day, my friend, Joanna, and I were in town, and I saw this:

I see some pretty crazy things on the backs of motorcycles and bicycles, but I’m always excited when I have my camera to catch it for you.

Alice brought us a chicken last week. She had tied its feet together, and she left it in a bucket in the kitchen until Patrick could kill it for us.

While Alice was sweeping and we were doing school, the chicken jumped out of the bucket.

The bucket fell over, and all the kids ran to the kitchen to see the chicken on the floor.

Both dogs were pushing at the screen door (you can see Matata still there by the door) to get in, and the chicken relieved herself all over the floor. The kids wanted me to take a picture of the poop on the floor, but I retrained myself (you’re surprised, right?) Ahhh…these are the joys of home schooling in Africa.

I’m sure you were all curious as to what “dance class” looks like here.

Meg is doing a great job with Karis, Kylie, and Joanna. You can see how excited Caleb is about dance class (look on the couch below).

Meg takes his playmates away for one hour, and it’s not too fun for him, but he manages to bug them just enough to get plenty of attention.

Do you like ironing?

You wouldn’t like it here. Trust me.

Yes, those are irons with coals in them. No plugs.

As I was studying, I looked back at the irons, and this lady came and was fixing the HOT coals with her FINGERS.

Another impressive thing to me is that this is how I see all women bending over – straight legged. Ouch! My mother-in-law can do this, but I do NOT have that kind of stretching ability.


Paula said...

Love the picture of the ballerinas!! Thanks for the picture, Kathryn.

Laura said...

I love the dance class picture too! So glad the girls are getting to have such a unique experience.