Monday, April 11, 2011

Touching prayer

There are many people that pray for us back in the States.

There are even a few churches which make it a point to lift us up regularly.
I get an email from the Becoming Godly Women Bible study class in Yoakum every week that has signatures of all the women who prayed for my family that week.
I get the newsletter from First Baptist Yoakum emailed to me, and without fail, our names are always listed on there for the church to pray for.
Every time I send out a newsletter, I am amazed to hear from so many of you who tell me how you are lifting up our family and our requests.
There is also a small group of people who have asked to receive special prayer requests from us, and every time I send one, they are so faithful to pray and email me and let me know they are.
A guy in Victoria, Texas, has his Bible study pray for us.
People post on my facebook that they have been praying for us.
First Woodway in Waco has a couple of Bible study classes that remember us regularly.
I have some wonderful girl friends in Brandon, Baton Rouge, Yoakum, and College Station, that are so faithful to remember me.
The WMU at Istrouma Baptist Church in Baton Rouge is led by a sweet lady who remembers us in prayer, without fail.
There is a sweet lady in Jacksonville, Florida who remembers us often and then writes to tell me she has prayed.
There is a faithful church in Washington state, where one of our Trustees attends and her husband is the pastor. They have a bulletin board dedicated to my family, and they pray for us regularly on Sundays and Wednesdays.
There is also a church in Winterset, Iowa, who not only prays for us, but they also send a team out every year to assist in the ministry here.
We are on a mission’s prayer calendar put out by Pinelake Church in Mississippi.
Pinelake and First Baptist Church Yoakum are both faithful to send boxes of goodies for the family. And Winterset Baptist Church remembers everyone's birthdays, without fail.
I say all of this to let you know how thankful we are!!!
I don’t want to know how difficult our lives COULD be without being covered by so many prayers.

This last week, the whole staff at Pinelake in Mississippi gathered on a Monday morning, and they prayed for us. What made it so special to me is that I got to SEE this faith-covering.
A dear friend and encourager stepped back and took this picture. You can see my family’s prayer card’s picture on the screen.

When I saw this, it brought tears to my eyes.
So many of you pray for us, but when I SAW the people praying, it was overwhelming!
Pinelake friends, many of you don’t know this, but someone sends us the Sunday and Wednesday sermons to watch and listen to. They are a joy for us. We love praying with YOU and worshiping with you as Tim leads, and we are always scanning the screen to see if there is someone we know and love. And many of you have been encouraging to us as you've told us how you are going to "Outlive Your Life" in the upcoming year.
Caleb met Chip this past December in Kenya, and now, every time Chip comes on the screen, Caleb yells, “CHIP!”
Caleb got pretty intimate with Chip’s iphone, playing hunting games, and so now he thinks he and Chip are good friends.
I really just wanted to say thanks to all of you, everywhere!
God is so pleased by your faithfulness. And you are doing your part to bring the Gospel to the Lugbara. By praying for my family, you are, in effect, reaching out to an unreached people group.


Alison said...

WOW!! That is an amazing picture! We love ya'll and are praying for ya'll!!! :)

Anonymous said...

It is our joy to lift you guys up in prayer. Keep the stories coming so we can always know better how to pray. - Preston

Beth said...

Sweet sister in Christ, whom I've never met but have been praying for your family by name. I serve on the Pinelake Prayer Team and your family is now on my list. Please feel free to email me specific requests

I enjoyed reading your recent post on your blog. It was encouraging and I celebrate the blessings of your life as you outlive your life on the mission field.

Until all have heard,
Beth Carr