Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cooking in the village

This sweet lady was grinding peanuts to make g-nut paste.

Yes, that is a huge rock she is sitting and grinding on.

I was then taken to a hut where this other lady was grinding. It was a great chance to practice some language.

She was sweet to give me a chance to grind - although I think the laughing I provided for her and the other ladies was proper payment for her kindness.

All in all, there had been three ladies grinding g-nuts, so when they all finished, we brought them together to a community fire, and put them in a pot to cook.

This is g-nut paste. It never goes bad (sort of like peanut butter) because of all the oil.

She scraped off the oil at one point, and we were so excited, thinking it would be a healthier meal.

With the oil set aside, she added some cooked beans to the g-nut sauce, to make something they call ococa (pronounced "oh-cho-cha").

The smoke really burns the eyes - you can see Kylie for proof.

Then, she added the oil BACK to the beans and g-nut paste. Oh, yummy!

She let all the kids take turns stirring.

You can see what a kick they get out of a "man" doing housework.

They thought it was hilarious that Caleb stirred the pot.


They gave us seats of honor in the community building, and fed us enya and ococa.

After a good Bible story time, a filling meal and amazing company, we had to leave.

Hope to see you again soon, Etori!


Nancy said...

The kids are such troupers in trying different foods! I have to admit I was not such a trouper...especially after I got so sick from food poison. I was down to American peanut butter and french fries.

becky marshall said...

you guys are amazing! i know the Father is protecting your stomachs all along the way!!