Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A village named Etori

Part of my team has been doing some agriculture ministry/Bible stories in a village near Arua.

I was blessed to be invited a couple of weeks ago, and the kids and I had a wonderful time.

I always find it so peaceful to be out in the village, with no cars or town noise.

The people of the village gathered in a building to learn the story of the woman at the well.

They really worked through the scriptures as they tried to tell it and re-tell it.

They decided they could learn it better if they acted it out. Immediately, a gentleman stood up, picked up Kylie's and Karis' shoes (who were outside barefoot - as usual), and he stacked them like you see below and put a ring of dried grass twined together over the top of them.

This represented the town. The bowl was the well, which we later moved farther away.

While Jesus waited at the well, the disciples went to town to buy food.

Here comes the woman to the well to meet Jesus.

This little one kept crawling to the well, so we passed him around so the "actors" could focus.

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