Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Village Life

My kids were only bothered for a little while by the language barrier. I came out and talked in the little Lugbara I know, and soon, everyone was playing "Mbata, mbata, au" (Duck, duck, chicken).

New games in the shade.

Caleb decided to come in for story time. I have NO idea why he didn't use the door, except that he's a boy.

See! There was a door.

The momma of this little boy told me her son was NINE! Caleb just turned five, for those of you who don't know.

What a difference proper food and nutrition makes!

Karis found "boy," and they were happy most of the day. (When I asked his name, he told me his name was "boy," but I'm not sure either of us understood properly).

Caleb got more than a little dirty.

Caleb also took my camera and took these pictures.

Karis and "boy" got some company.

Caleb has a stick, pretending it's a sword, but apparently, it doesn't hinder him from drawing a crowd.

This was a great day for me and the kids. We hope to have many more like these in the months to come.

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Kaye Harkness said...

Kathryn, your posts make me smile. Your children are precious and also "boy" and the other children of the community. I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful bracelet I received in the mail from you. Would you please tell Florence that Kaye from Arkansas loves her beautiful work and will so enjoy wearing this bracelet and thinking of you all there and praying for God's continued blessings on your lives. I'd like to know too...who made the card? I plan to frame's a piece of art. Thank you again so much. I was humbled and blessed to receive your package.
Kaye Harkness
Conway, Arkansas