Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A trip down Market Lane

I went into a crowded street market to look for dishes. 

There was unidentified liquid flowing down the street.

Taxis were squeezed by people into standstill positions, with horns blaring.

All the booths started to look the same, selling the same stuff.

There was a cacophony of noises coming from every direction.

And Keira was with me and my friend...

In the small store where we stopped to shop, dishes were all over the floor, in high stacks.

Glass and ceramic breakables everywhere.  In one store, tea cups were stacked up in flimy boxes over my 5 foot, 5 inch height.

Keira's pretty good, but I was a nervous wreck trying to pick out bowls, plates, and serving dishes.

I found some basic white ones that are easily replaceable if something breaks.

Next, we looked for a container for my cooking utensils that could sit on my counter.

I couldn't find one weighty enough, so...I bought this.

It's a trashcan with the lid off.  Nice, huh?

Next, I needed something for the kids to keep their bathroom stuff in, because while we are waiting for our sink with a counter to be made, this is where all 6 of us are brushing our teeth and using a mirror.

These seem to work fine, and we just keep them on the stairs, which I'm standing on to take this picture.

Ever since we arrived here, I've hardly taken a step without Keira by my side.  This girl has gone on every shopping trip, been to every market, ridden in every taxi, and taken every step down the street that I have.

She is a real trooper,

...and she passes out every night.

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