Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Money and People

I went to buy bananas from a local street vendor, and I guess because my bananas didn't weigh the   minimum dollar amount, he added more bananas to my bag.

I went, the same day, to a local dukan (small shop) to buy Keira a lollipop, and the man said I had to buy two.

The reason for this is the money system.  The smallest bill (there are no coins) is 250 units, the next up is 500, then 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, and 25,000.  If a vendor can't make adequate change, they will either make you buy more or round up to give you change.

Most of the stuff sold on my street is fairly inexpensive.  The higher prices come when I shop in a bigger grocery store for harder-to-find items, and large grocery stores don't ask you to buy more when the amount doesn't work out, they just give you change rounded up.

A couple of examples of prices on my street are:
10 large, round naans for $1
4 bottles of water for $.80
a beef sandwich for $.80

This same day, Keira and I were walking down the street.  We passed a little girl who reached in her bag, did a perfect hand off with Keira, giving her a chip, and both just kept walking in opposite directions, munching on their chips.

Kids are always eating chips or candy in the streets, and they are good about sharing, whether you want them to or not.

One little girl licked her lollipop a few times, and then just gave it to Keira who started licking it right away.  Right as we were about to walk in our gate, the little girl ran up and kissed her.

Keira gets her cheeks pinched or her face kissed multiple times a day.  She's pretty good to let people do it until they get a camera in her face or try to pull her away from me to love on her. 

Everyone wants to take her picture, and even a few want to take our picture.  At the mall yesterday, a lady walked up, found out we were from America, and she asked if she could have her picture made with our family.

Say, "CHEESE!"

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