Friday, March 25, 2016

Hog Rider and Heat

Well, Keira decided she would take a trip without me.

She went with her daddy...

on a motorcycle...

to run an errand.



I didn't think she'd do it, but she said she had a good time. 

I'm sure you remember how my other three children had many experiences on motorcycles ("pikis") in Uganda, so we figured this was a way to give her a little taste of what she missed in Uganda ;)

And in other news...later that day, Doug walked down to the main road and found a place to buy heaters.

Have I mentioned how cold I am all the time?

He bought an electric one for when we are fortunate enough to have power.

This thing can put off some heat!!

And somehow, he got that one, and THREE propane ones in a taxi to get home.

Check out the size of these things!

Caleb's hand is creeping around the side of the top box, so if you can spot it, you will see it's much taller than him.

A propane bottle fits in the back of it, and it will run on electricity or propane.

Now, we just have to wait for the "ice cream truck" to come down our street so we can buy propane.

**Do you remember how I told you the propane truck comes down our street twice a day playing the most pleasant ice-cream-truck-kind-of-music ever?

Anyway, unfortunately, we won't be hearing him for two days because tomorrow it's New Year's Day here.  The schools have been out for two weeks on holiday, and most schools have one more week before they have to return.  It's quite a big deal here.


I look forward to filling you in on our Newroz (New Years) experience.

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