Saturday, March 26, 2016

"Frizzy" needs Cucumbers & Measurement Skills

On Newroz, most families go picnicking outside of town somewhere.

Since we didn't have any invites, we decided to take the kids to the movie.

But first, I must tell you about my mishaps. 

I don't know if I'm losing my mind or just getting old, but I really blew it a couple of times today.

They both occurred on Newroz Eve.

I was intent on making pickles and had bought all the dill, jars, and garlic I would need, but I still needed the cucumbers.

I ate a quick breakfast, and then I took a jaunt outside to catch the vegetable truck just as it was unloading at my neighbors vegetable stand.  I bought this for $3, and came back home.

Doug looked at me, and said, "Did you just go to the vegetable stand?" 

I answered, "Yes," and he said, "Have you looked in the mirror today?"

I froze.  I HAD looked in the mirror when I woke up, and I looked scary!

But I never thought about it again.

I was mortified.  I had brought shame to my family :)

Needless to say, it would have been a good day to actually cover my head with a scarf!!

So...I washed the jars.

I put dill, garlic, and a hot pepper in each jar.

Tthen I took my jars over to the stove to put the boiling water, vinegar, salt mixture into the jars.

It was only THEN that I realized, I didn't have any cucumbers in the jars!

So, I pulled out my new cheese grater (which I thought was like the one I had in Uganda), looking for the slicer blade on it. 

I was shocked.  It wasn't there!!

For the first time ever, I had to actually slice all the cucumbers to go in the jars (I know.  I'm spoiled, right?), so I figured I might as well use a brand new knife.

Now I have three new cuts on my hands to prove that the knife works really well.

Karis wanted alfredo for dinner, and you would have thought I had never cooked in Uganda using the metric system...

I got confused on the butter measurement.  It said 1/2 cup butter, and I calculated how many grams were in a full cup of butter so I could half it.  When I read 227grams, that's as far as my brain went, and I never halved it!

While I was wondering why my alfredo was so soupy, I went over and over the recipe until it hit me, and I felt so foolish.  I had to end up doubling cream, parmesan cheese, and cream cheese.  It was a huge, fattening mistake!  Whose family needs a double recipe of alfredo on a Sunday night?


We interrupt this semi-regularly scheduled program to show you some marketing I found here in this country.

TORNSFRAMERS anyone?  (thank you, China)
( I also saw a "Panesanic" TV one day in the market - creative spelling)

Read below for words.

"Open the switch press the button"

"Will be crying and coughing sound, facial with light, moving head and hands"

"After 15 seconds, handing up and wanna sneeze.  Repeat 3 times, Finish the process after 30 seconds without injection."

(Picture is of a child giving her baby an injection in the tush.)  "When injection facial light fading, with happy laughter and movement, after 15 seconds automatic static."

I have no idea what any of that means, but enjoy!


James Simmons said...

Hey friends, this is James and Amanda here. Loved your humor and wit among trying circumstances. Think about you all often! Let us know how the pickles turn out

Kathryn Taylor said...

James, thanks for writing. Unfortunately, the pickles were a little salty, but we'll manage ;)